Words of Hope, encouragement, love, protection, deliverance.

Glorious Promises!

What a beautiful Psalm; Psalm 34

Words of Hope, encouragement, love, protection, deliverance.

Glorious Promises!

When you understand the full impact of what this Psalm is promising, what it says to your hart, you will also want to bless and praise The Lord Continually. Your soul will burst open with joy wanting all to jump on board and exalt and magnify The Lord.

I sought the Lord and He heard me, He delivered me from ALL my fears.

I don’t know about you but if the Psalm stopped right there I would be elated with joy and thanksgivings. But It goes on ………

For those who respect reverence and honor God, who abide in the almighty have nothing to fear God will deliver. The angels of the Lord encamp around them and deliver them. There is no want; they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing.

The Lords eyes and ears are open and on you. When you cry out He delivers you out of all your trouble.

The Lord is close to the humble in heart. Your troubles may mount up but the Lord delivers you out of them all.

Oh all you people, Taste and see that the Lord is “Good” Be Blessed, that trust in Him.

The Lord redeems His servant and none who trust in Him shall lack any good thing.

Oh give Honor to the Most High. Faithful Loving Powerful Awesome God.

The Living God.

Indi Fratarcangelo  CPC

Covenant Blessed Ministries,



YouTube  – http://youtu.be/MSvpITEYp5Q
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