The colors of Christmas

The colors of Christmas

One afternoon in mid-December as I was driving home, the radio station started playing a very beautiful traditional old Christmas song. That expressed the beauty of a white Christmas, which the singer recalls oh so well. As I listened to this song I could remember this very performance on TV as a child, with all the Christmas array. Picturing all the vivid colors. The colors of Christmas, there was no mention in the singing about our blessed Savior the baby Jesus, this was a traditional worldly view of Christmas. My mind paused for a moment as I thought, Lord why are they taking you out of Christmas? Then realizing all the colors of Christmas.
Today in a meeting I attended people dressed in Christmas colors. If you look around you too will see so many people dressed in red, accented with white and of course we cannot forget our green Christmas tree the Evergreen all dressed in vivid lights. Oh yes, the lights, as they are sparkling gloriously multicolored.
Then my thoughts became so very clear. Each one representing the colors of Christmas, how vividly express our Blessed Savior, our beautiful Jesus our glorious Father and our eternal future.

The red. Of course the red where would we be without the red, the blood of Jesus? The shed blood of Jesus, for each and every single solitary person born past present and to come. That precious blood of Jesus. And with the received blood of Jesus we are then washed from sin. By the blood of Jesus we are white as snow, all our sins, our heavenly Father remembers no more. We are now His children, we are pure as the driven snow. We are forever green full of life.  The color of the Christmas tree, now we will be forever alive throughout eternity with Christ. Our way is full of light. The light that we now have, the light to see our way.

All colors of all the beautiful glorious priceless gems to God that we have become, more priceless and precious, a holy people set apart for His pleasure. More precious than costly gems. Children of The Most High God. My Father your Father!!! We are living in the kingdom of God.

So when the world talks of Santa Claus and Ho Ho Ho . Remember the red suit with the white cuffs the blood and the purity and oh that black belt that’s around him remember this, the price has already been paid by an even greater black belt our Jesus who endured the cross and despised the shame for His eyes were set on the glory set before Him the glory for us all. Paying a price we could never imagine. Who is now our high priest who intercedes for us all.

“Fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Hebrews 12:2
The colors of Christmas are awesome they are our life our freedom our liberty our eternity our future with our Blessed Savior.   So glory for the red glory for the white glory for the green and the lights and all the colors, and glory for the black belt that reminds us of the cross and that the price has been paid in full.

So shout it from the rooftops Glory to Jesus. For you “Jesus” You are awesome.

Jesus my friend is all around us forever present thank you Holy Spirit for your beauty and your grace.
They just can’t take Christ out of Christmas no matter how hard some try. You just can’t ever remove the source.

Enjoy the beautiful colors of Christmas and thank you Jesus thank you Holy Spirit thank you Father God.
Indi Fratarcangelo- 

Covenant Blessed Ministries

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