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Purpose A Man / God Named Jesus  To bring the ungodly to repentance, that they might avert judgment of the non-repented. To encourage the born again believer to continue in the faith, continue in the overcoming faith of the word of God and the knowledge thereof. To make clear that while Jesus was on earth He was a man, a… (more…)

Order This Book Today

Order this Book Today!  A Man / God Named Jesus A Man-God Named Jesus An Interview With Jesus by Indi Fratarcangelo- Kimsey YouTube  – Dropbox  – Order This Book Today at Tate Publishing Please go to link below

Sorrow Not

Sorrow Not This day 17 years ago we celebrate the eternal life blessing of my Father unto his Heavenly Father’s arms. Where he is joined now with my beloved friend and Mother and with my son-in-law David a Valiant Warrior, who are all much loved and greatly missed. But we are fully assured that they are having a great time!!… (more…)

Smile We Have Good News /

We have the  Good News We are justified by faith in Christ, we have the peace of God through Christ, we have the love of God that is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost, and we have the Joy of the Lord as our strength. We have Hope! We are Loved by God! We are His workmanship… (more…)

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