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A Man / God Named Jesus


An Interview With Jesus

 As I was sitting and praying

Walking out on the back lanai, the sun glinting off the pool water, being still morning a slight cool breeze, brings a hint that fall is near. As I go over to sit at a table, sipping coffee talking to the Lord, aware of His presence although not physical, notably present, a thought came to me. Have an interview with Jesus.

We have read books, some have even written books, some new, some old books, some are from people who have passed on to be with the Lord, some are still with us. Great men and women of God, Scholars, Pastors, Evangelists, all to read the thoughts of Jesus to get close to the understanding and love of our Glorious God and His full being, The Father, The Son and The Spirit. We study the things people say and have said, commentaries, expositions, what they think or make of something, it is most wonderful and we are inspired by this. But only one person and what He does and has done really makes all the difference in any of our lives. That would be Our Jesus and why He came and what it means to all of us. So why not get the truth straight from the source. Why not interview Jesus?
 Jesus is still very much alive! His word is life to all that embrace Him.
Why not Jesus?
He is the Perfect person to Interview. So we will look at some Known facts and get into the Interview of:
A Man / God Named Jesus
Indi Fratarcangelo
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